Making Micro Greens More Durable- Basic Recipes

Making Micro Greens More Durable- Basic Recipes


Pesto is an easy way to protect all kind of micro greens!

Spice Salt

Spice salt mixes can also be made with particularly delicious micro greens. You can use fresh or dry micro greens for this. Chop the fresh micro greens and put them in a bowl and crush them in a mortar with sea salt. Spread the mixture on a flat plate and let it dry for a day. If desired, different leaves and/or slightly grated citrus peels can be mixed. Keep the spice salt in a tightly closed box. It will add a particularly delicious aroma to fried meat or fish.

Spice Oil and Vinegar

Especially aromatic micro greens can be put in oil or vinegar to sweeten them. Pre-chop the leaves, put them in a jar, and cover them with vinegar or oil. Leaves should be completely covered
with liquid. Leave the mixture in a dark and cool place for 4-6 weeks, then strain it. Spicy oil and vinegar give salads a mild aroma.

Butter Mix

All micro greens are also suitable for spicy butter mixes. The more delicious, the better. Put the butter in a bowl with salt, lemon juice and black pepper and whisk with a hand mixer until it
froths. Finely chop the leaves and mix. Place it on a sheet of cling film and wrap it in a roll. Keep refrigerated. Larger quantities can be stored in the freezer.